Mold Making FAQ

What kind of services do you offer?

We offer complete fingerboard mold CAD design services for fingerboard companies. If you have an original design we can help you refine it and create an aluminum mold. This will allow you to produce high quality decks on a consistent basis without the issues associated with other materials.

Tell me more about the molds.

Each half of the mold is machined from 25.4mm (1") 6061 aluminum alloy using our CNC milling machines.  Measurements for the mold are 38mm x 115mm.  You can make decks up to 38mm wide with the standard mold.  Locating pins are provided to ensure perfect alignment.and includes tracking and insurance.    The total cost for the mold includes the CAD design and 1 custom template.  If you need extra templates (router or tracing) they are available for $60.

Can you duplicate an existing deck or mold?

We DO NOT copy decks or molds from established fingerboard companies.
The one exception is - if you have an original deck that you made and would like a mold to duplicate the shape. 

What about cost?

All molds are custom made. PAYMENT IN ADVANCE IS REQUIRED using PayPal. The cost is  $265.00 for the 38mm x 115mm mold.  Shipping  is $12.00 in the United States. International shipping is $38.00.  International customers - Please be aware that you may be assessed a tax or duty at customs in your country based on the value of the mold.

What about confidentiality? 

We absolutely DO NOT share any information with anyone about our customer's designs or identities.

What happens if I decide to purchase a mold?

You can order your mold through the web store or contact and pay me directly.  Payment must be made with PayPal when using the store.  When checking out you can tell me what you want in the "Special Instructions" section or contact me via email.  I will then get back to  you to begin the design process.